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Saturday, August 9, 2008

What Will I Be Doing? (WotLK)

One of the recent Blog Azeroth shared topics is "What will you be doing when WotLK comes out?" Being off of the game atm it is kinda hard to say. Right now I am bombarded with sending a 5 yr old to Kindergarden along with other RL stuff so I am not sure when I will be back.

I really hope WotLK will not be released until the first quarter of 2009 because I still have all the Heroic steps in getting my CotN title. If WotLK is released early, like for this Christmas season, I will be doing a mad rush trying to get that done. For those who dont know, once WotLK is released you have to finish the Champion of the Naaru title line before you ding 71. This is to prevent it from being farmed as people turn lvl 80.

Once I complete that, or atleast attempt to, I will buy up the new stable slots and test out various pets. In my current stable I have Sekhmet my cat and Baskerville my Ghost Wolf. Those slots will never change. My current third slot is a windserpent from ZG which is still lvl 61. With all the new pet changes it will be exciting to see how well pets stand up to various situations. I know first on my agenda will be to tame a Scarlet Tracking Hound. Bears seem more viable as tanks and I might even go hunt me down a pink flamingo and try it out.

I do not plan to rush to lvl 80. When I hit 60 I went through every zone and did all the quests. BEM and SMV were kinda skipped over but I finished them none the less. I will constantly be doing something but I will not stay up for days on end leveling up. That is easy to say now but I'm sure there will be some Friday nights where I see the sun rising because "I am almost done with this quest line..."


Jason said...

I recently found your blog through a friend's blog at I must say I like what I see! Especially this post. I won't be "rushing" to 80. I plan to make more of this expansion than I did with BC, mainly because I'm really looking forward to all the snowy terrain, the bears, the tuskarr, etc. Have fun. ttyl

Autumnn said...

Hey thanks for the comment! Yeah what I have noticed from playing Everquest and Warcraft is the game is one experience the first time you go through content and then after that it becomes the same old same old. I like the feeling of discovering a new place and cant wait for this expansion for that reason. Take Care!