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Thursday, May 22, 2008

About Us

Grumble and Autumnn are a husband and wife team on the Lightninghoof server of World of Warcraft. This blog started as a way to show others cool places we have found in game and has grown to include our toy addictions. We noticed there was a handful of Hunters asking how to do certain things or just overall advice and we have started to include posts related to Hunters.

Autumnn's Characters

Grumble's Character

Our MMO playing started with Everquest 1. Grumble started playing in Sept 2000 and I started Dec 2000. We jumped around with server splits for a while and ended up on Antonius Bayle which is the Euro server. We choose that server because at the time Grumble worked second shift. The servers we were on were so full there was lines to kill quest mobs. Being on a Euro server we could group with people before he went to work and quest when he got home. We continued to play until May 2005. I had a 65 Druid and 55 Beastlord and Grumble had a 65 Warrior, 58 Beastlord, and a wide array of 30-40s.

We then jumped around various games for a while. We love Morrowind, Halo, and Fable. Finally in Jan 2007 we did the trial account for WoW. We never thought of going to WoW before then because our Everquest server was hit hard by people leaving for WoW. We viewed the game as something that killed the game we loved. That didn't last long. I got my Troll Hunter to lvl 20 and we went out and bought the full games. I love how WoW GMs are active with the players, the holidays, and how it isn't a psychotic grind to get anywhere.

We both started up Hunters because we were told they could be soloed all through the game. Coming from EQ this was a blessing. I am crazy about factions, tradeskills, mini pets, and mounts. Grumble loves PvP and seeing how many tradeskills he can max out a month 8oP. We both love raiding but so long as it is not to the point where it becomes a job instead of a fun pastime. We are both fully devoted to friends and will defend them to the end.

Our Stables


Baskerville was a must have when I learned we could tame them. My first toon was a little Tauren Druid. When I saw the Plains Vision I was in love. I basically had to use all my money to get the Metagem and get the gear and gems so I could even use the Meta. I drug out a Priest, Shammy, and LW Druid to help me on the taming. I made up a macro and got him on my first try.

I was torn when it came to naming him. I really though Baskerville was a cool name for a ghost dog. I also liked Wovoka. He was the Paiute Indian who founded the Ghost Dance. Common knowledge won and I choose Baskerville.


ATM Grumble is testing out all the new pet families so this will be updated as he chooses new pets.

Grumble likes spiders in real life. Really likes spiders... /shiver One night he was looking at Petopia and noticed Zarakh in Bloodmist Isle. He ran out there and tamed her little lvl 19 butt and started to level her. Her name is Esmerelda. Grumble thinks she is the cutest thing around but all I can think of is a nice big can of RAID.

Us on the web

Wow Insider did a writeup when I was asking about WoW ingame toys and also they mentioned us in a post about Ingame presents to give to others for Winter Veil.

Petopia mentioned my Troll Hunter Jayla in their feed pet section.

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