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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Agility Conversion

Agility is a stat used to increase your base DPS. This is the DPS you will do before modifiers are added such as Haste and Crit.

1 Agility = 2 Attack Power
1 Agility = .003% crit
324.85 agil = 1% crit

There are a few ways to increase your Agility besides gear, gems, and enchants.

Mail Armor Specialization = 5% Agility
Kings/Wild = 5% Agility
Into the Wilderness + 15% Agility
Hunting Party = 2% Agility


Agility is the stat you want to stack over any other. You should gem for straight Agility in all gem sockets so long as the set bonus gives less than 20 Agility. If the set bonus does give more than 20 Agility then gem the respective colored gems. Use the Agile Shadowspirit Diamond for your meta socket. Since the requirement is 3 Red gems you should have no problem activating it.

Hit Rating

Hit is imporatant if you aren't already at the cap. Hunter hit cap is 8%. 960 hit rating will get you 7.99%. Draenei hit rating is 840 hit rating or 6.99%.

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