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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Raiding Guidelines

You are a part of a guild. Act like it.

If you only go on raids that benefit you people will take notice. If you only raid until you have what you want and then stop going to that raid you may not get invites to other raids you want to do. If you are going to guild raids then continue to go on guild raids to help others get the gear and achievements they need. If you act like a pompous jerk then you will be treated like a pompous jerk.

You may not go on a raid you signed up for.

A raid leader must first invite the tanks and heals. After that they choose the DPS that signed up. Under normal circumstances DPS will be added according to the time they signed up. Sometimes invites are based on needing Melee vs Ranged. In some cases like progression or off specs needed a better geared/raid aware person or person with needed off specs will be added instead of first signed up.

If you sign up for a raid then show up. If you sign up tentative you will be taken into consideration after any accepted people are added. If you really want to go but you are not sure if you have to work or will get back home in time from something then let the raid leader know and it will be their choice if your tentative response is considered an accepted.

Be prepared.

Sometimes the raid is graced with a person or people who will supply raiding food tables and flask cauldrons. Do not rely on these always being available. The people supplying them have other things to do in the game and may not be able to make up enough for every raid. Something you can do to help out with this is to get supplies needed to make them and put them in the guild bank. Then raiders can look in the guild bank for mats they don't have and make up meals and cauldrons. Remember the raid feasts are BOP once made and the flask cauldrons are bound to your battlenet account. Don't make up a ton of feasts on a toon you do not raid with or cauldrons on a battlenet account you don't raid with.

The seafood feast requires Highland Guppy (2), Lavascale Catfish (2), Fathom Eel (2) per meal.

The flask cauldron requires Flask of Steelskin, Flask of the Draconic Mind, Flask of the Winds, Flask of Titanic Strength, Deathblood Venom (8). This is basically all cata herbs and volatile life.

Show up ready to raid.

If you show up to a raid stoned or drunk don't be surprised if you are kicked from the raid. Yeah sometimes its funny to have a drunk person in raid but if the raid keeps wiping because your impaired ass is killing people off then you will be kicked.

Learn the fights.

If we are doing a raid you haven't done before there are a million Youtube videos on how to do the boss fights from every classes aspect. Taking a couple minutes to glance at videos will give you an idea of what the fight is like and can help you with tips and tricks for your class.

If there are certain raids that you just cant get a hang of or just hate the raid don't feel like you have to sign up for them. If you are getting frustrated just let the raid leader know and they will see if they can get a replacement. If you down right cant stand the thought of going into Naxx then dont sign up for those runs. Either through guild, friends, or pugs the raid can find a replacement for you.

Listen to the raid leader.

If you are not the raid leader or the raid leader hasn't asked for your opinion then shut up and let the raid leader do their job. If you learned a trick in a pug group and think it would be helpful in the raid then mention it to the raid leader and they will take your input into consideration. If you are not the raid leader and are trying to set up placement of people for a boss fight 5 trash pulls away just shut up. People tend to have a short attention span and it is easier for the raid leader to set up pulls at the boss than for 3 people to shout out commands and confuse the rest of the raid.

When you agree to sign up for a raid you are agreeing that you are willing to put the cyber life of your toon in the hands of the raid leader. If there is a boss that instantly kills the first person to attack it and the raid leader says you are that person then you run in and die. If you find out that you don't like how the raid leader is running the raid then no one is forcing you to join any of their raids in the future.

If you get to a boss and the raid leader starts to explain the fight listen. Do not say you are going afk and then get back after the fight is explained and ask how to do the fight. Personally I would kick the person on the spot. If you need a break ask for one. Don't just say afk like you know what you are doing and come back and say that.

Keep vent clear.

Listen to the raid leader when they give orders on how vent is to be used. If it is a run that's on farm and lol-easy then you will probably be able to have fun and joke around. If it is a fight that requires people to hear orders or people are learning the fight then keep vent clear except for people the raid leader designates. Some things the raid leader may assign vent role to include decursing, calls to offtank adds, or timers. When a bunch of people try to talk on vent at the same time the voices are mumbled up and it is hard to hear what people are saying.

Also please don't yell in vent. Some people get headaches from being on vent too long because of people yelling about random things. You may be really excited about something but please try to stay within average decibels. There is no need to yell things like you have died. Healers can see you have died and usually a couple different messages pop up that you have died.

Don't start pulling shit before the whole raid gets there and before the raid leader says to start.

It is great that you have the initiative to get to the instance before everyone else but if you start pulling before the raid gets there then you are just being an ass. In some retro raids the trash mobs are easy to solo but some raid members may be going to get rep or rep drops. We have also had retro instances completely cleared and last boss killed before the whole raid gets there. Something like Mags and Gruuls are very short instances. Wait for your raid. If the raid is too slow getting there for your liking by all means leave the raid and do the instance by yourself.

Know your role.

Not all raid leaders know what spec you have and what gear/skill level you have with certain specs. If on a raid signup the raid leader asks for role then send them an ingame mail saying what specs your toon is and what spec you would rather play in. If you are offspec tank but don't know any of the fights let the raid leader know. You will not be forced into a role you are uncomfortable with. Also know that if possible the raid leader may allow you to use the raiding time to learn a new spec. Some really good tanks and healers can come out of an understanding raid that allows them to learn.

Don't waste the raids time and gold.

It is one thing to learn how to do a fight. It is another to wipe over and over again because of stupid shit. If you cannot grasp the concept of raiding mechanics on retro raids then don't expect to be accepted into progression raids. In progression raids there needs to be people who are willing to learn and give a shit about the game.

Don't point fingers.

The raid leader isn't stupid. If someone keeps messing up they know about it. Going off on a person in raid chat or vent does nothing to help the situation. You are not gods gift to raiding. You will screw up big time too.

Just because you can raid the LFR doesn't mean you are geared and experienced to raid.

The looking for raid option is the lazy mans way of getting gear. LFR is no different than getting into a battleground. Yes, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You can stand in whatever you want, take the hits of Faiding Light, and stand in the stomps and still live. If you put a trained chimp in front of a computer it could do better than some LFR people. True story. If you are fully LFR geared that just means you are lucky at drops. If you do well in dps or heals what would happen if we took into account how much damage you took or how much overheals you did? Just because you can survive the LFR does not mean you are ready and able to raid Firelands or regular Dragon Soul.

Guidelines for Raid Leaders:

If you have something that is on reserve then let people know that on the calendar. It is rude to have 10-25 people show up and then let them know a highly prized item is on reserve. If you do reserve items limit it to 2-3 items a raid and switch around people the reserve it going to. No one wants to go on raids just to gear up the raid leader and their friends week after week.

State loot rules before the raid starts. With some raids you may want people to need all items over 185 item level to try to get people the Needy achievement. You may have everyone greed and only need items the actually need or for items they want to transmog. State if people should need on items like mounts, quest items, or bags. It is usually better for everyone to need on such items so there isnt confusion when it comes time to roll.

If you do loot master you may want someone you trust to handle that. You have enough in your hands running the raid. Let someone else deal with tells and rolls for loot.

If someone is being rude in your raid then warn them. If they continue then kick them. There is no reason for a raid leader to have a headache or be fuming because of some jerk. If you dont like what a person is doing say something. Raid leading is suppose to be fun, not a nightmare.

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