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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet News to Squee About

Wow there has been a lot of new coming out about the WotLK expansion and Hunters. First thing comes from TKASomething. One of the posters on her forum submitted screenshots showing 2 more stable slots! The first new slot (our 4th actually) is currently 50G and the second new slot is 150G. Personally I dont thing thats too bad to get new stable slots. The prices can change before the expansion is released. I dont care if it is a couple thousand to get another slot, the option to get one is well worth it.

Another wonderful tidbit is the new pet categories and pet family skills. You can head over to Petopia for more detailed info on classes and skills of WotLK pets. One thing I am really excited about is the thought of being able to get a Hyena pet and it actually be useful. Hyenas will get a family ability of tendon rip which will cause damage and slow movement speed of the mob by 50% for 6 seconds. I would really like to try that out in PvP. The pic above is my baby Troll Hunter with her pet Snort. I have been eyeing a Scarlet Tracking Hound for a very long time now and have tamed it 3 times but let it go. Hyenas were exactly like wolves without the howl. When I tamed my Ghost Wolf that sealed the deal and I haven't tamed a hyena since. I love how Hyenas sound and behave. I think they are very cute and are an odd pet. With these new changes with pets Hyenas may actually be viable enough to be raiding pets or Arena contenders.

Also in WotLK pets more than 5 levels below you when tamed will be 5 levels lower once tamed. A Tracking Hound is lvl 33-34. Being lvl 70 if I go tame one it will be lvl 65 once tamed. On one side that is really cool because it saves a lot of time but on the other hand it makes my Springpaw normal now. It was really cool having people ask where I got Sekhmet and I told them she was lvl 7 when tamed. Many people couldnt believe I have had the same pet for over 3/4 of my Hunters career.

Devilsaurs are now tameable in Beta but it is unsure if they will be lumped into the Raptor family or if they will be a part of the 51 point BM talent to tame exotic pets. One of the exotic pets reveiled is the Chimera Nuramoc. Blizz has stated as later beta builds come out there will be more tameable Chimeras. My question to beta testers is have you tried to tame the Chimeras in Winterspring and the Vilewings in Shadowmoon?

Another new pet will be the Moths. This is one family that should have been added to the BC release but wasnt. It will be interesting to see how these fair as pets. Their family ability increases their attack power.

One thing is for sure, WotLK will be exciting and I am really liking the new changes besides the instant leveling of newly tamed pets. Personally I would have rather have seen a faster increase in leveling instead of normalizing pets in a way that makes low level only pets rare. Now all the Tallstrider owners and newbie Boar owners will be just another Hunter in the crowd.

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