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Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is a one stop shop for the addons I have highlighted. Some addons are very well known so I just added the links to the download site. Others you get the gist of what they do by checkin out the pic. Other addons are simply defined by a sentence or 2. Any that are direct links to the downloads will be marked with a *.

I used to use WoWAceUpdater but since that has gone kaput I have been using WoW Matrix to keep my addons updated.


  • BloodyRare *- Makes a macro button that auto changes to help find rares in the zone.
  • Overachiever *- Adds tool tip info and recipe info to help you get those achievements finished.


  • Prat *- Time stamps chat and color codes names to classes.
  • WIM* -Never miss a whisper
Hunter Related


  • Cartographer* - Everything you need for you map.
  • Routes - Addon for Cartographer to map out paths for tradeskill nodes.
  • Sexy Map* - Move it and change it around
  • Baudmark - Raid Icon Marking
  • CCBreaker* - Sends messages to party, raid, or silent mode when someone breaks any CC
  • LoggerHead* - Auto turns on combatlog in certain zones.
  • Omen* - Keeps your threat in check
  • Dominos* - Action Bar Addon. Used to be Bongos.
  • Closeup* - Allows zooming in and other nifty tools for your dressing room.
  • eePanels2* - Add background panels to your screen to make your UI look nicer.
  • ElkBuffBars* - Changes your buff bars and they are moveable.
  • FuBar - Adds 1 or more small bars to keep addons in check.
  • -CombatTimeFu - Keep track of how long it took to take down that boss.
  • -DuraTek -How much will it cost for repairs?
  • -ExitFu -One click exit button.
  • -HonorFu -Keep track of honor and how you do in BGs
  • -MailFu - shows when you have mail
  • -PerformanceFu - Lag? Find out why
  • -PetInfoFu - All you wanted to know about your pet.
  • -TopScoreFu - Keep track of how much you do damage for or heals.
  • -TrackerFu - Hunter tracker drop down menu.
  • Geist - Button Management
  • MikScrollingBattleText - Scrolling Combat Text
  • Auctioneer* - A must if you have an AH alt.
  • BankItems* - View what is on your toons and mail boxes. Also Guild Banks.
  • CensusPlus - Addon from WarcraftRealms to take a census of your server
  • ItemID - Find out the Item ID of an item.

Addons I use and will be spotlighting.
These are addons I use and love and will be doing details on them in the future. Most can be found from either Curse or WoWAce.

AtlasLoot - View loot from bosses, rep, and vendors.
aX_RaidStatus - Simple window with lots of stats of your raid party.
CowTip - Adds info to your tips and move the location they are shown.
DamageMeters - Know how much damage you do in raids.
Factionizer - Keep track of how many items and instance you need for that next faction level.
FishingBuddy - Everything 'cept for a case of beer.
PingPong - Tells who spam clicks the mini map
RangeHelp - Easy to see display to judge range
RatingBuster - Comparing your gear made easy
SimpleMP3 - Listen to your toons in game

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