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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Prince Malchezaar

Prince Malchezaar is one of those fights that not only depends on your groups abilities but also depends on luck. Throughout the fight fire golems will drop down and do an AoE. If one drops down right by the door, like in the video below, it could wipe a raid.

The Prince fight has 3 stages but it isn't really anything a Hunter needs to worry about. What you need to do, the first and foremost, is keep below the tanks threat. Throw up MDs whenever its up and FD. Prince likes to turn random party members purple and take their health down to 1 HP. If you don't run out of his range fast you will get caught up in his AoE blast and will die. If you are in a position where you can stand near max range you will be fine. If the golems fall to where you will be pinned closer to Prince you may have a hard time surviving. You don't want to pass the tanks threat, even for a second, because if the MT isn't highest they have a chance of getting this debuff. Your tank will then die and so will the rest of the raid.

Hunter Loot:

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