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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Netherspite is very easy to do if you have 2 tank-ish type people. Once the dragon is engaged some portals will open up. The first time Red will be to the right of the door, Green to the Left, and Blue straight ahead under the telescope. Being a Hunter you will probably be in the Blue beam because though it takes health away it will cause you to do more damage. You should have a healer close by and if they arent healing you then scream at them. /waves to priests You will go through waves. Portals open, banished phase, then portals will open again but after the first time the portals can randomly move to where the other portals were.

When moving while in a portal only move forwards and backwards. If you move side to side you will lose the beam which is fine if you are switching with another person but otherwise you don't want your beam to hit Netherspite.

During the Banished Phase all Melee will run away from him but ranged DPS can go full force on him. Be warned that after the 30 second banish he will attack the person highest on the threat OR the person in the Red beam if there is one. Have your FD ready and pray it isn't resisted during this time.

This will be a fight where you call your pet back and forth from but so long as you have good quick people in the beams and they dont let them hit the dragon and they get healed you will be fine.

Some things to note are
  • If you are in a beam for one round you cannot be in the same beam the next round but you can go back to it the 3rd round.
  • You can run through a beam without taking it so long as you just keep running through.
  • If you will be taking a beam from someone stand beside them and both shift to one side when you switch. Do not stand behind or in front of a beam person.
  • You will not be able to take argo from the person in the Red beam. DPS like mad during the beam parts.
  • Black holes may appear on the ground and they are just like the ones from Zereketh the Unbound in Arcatraz. If you see you are standing in one then run out of it asap. They can appear when you are on the Blue beam so make sure your camera is turned a little if the portal is blocking your view.

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