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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Nalorakk is the Amani Bear God and is the first boss in Zul'Aman. This fight is mainly a healer intensive fight. Once the gates open two elites will attack and then a group of adds. Just trap what you can and burn them all down. Go down the ramp and to your right. There will be a pat coming through so dont do the first pull until you pick off the pat coming from the left. Then go through the right side until you see mobs at the top of some steps.

Nalorakk will be standing there with some henchmen. Be warned the Axe Throwers have an AoE attack that throws axes at traps so it would be best to have them sheeped and kill them after any traps are killed. Nalorakk will not attack and once the adds are killed he will run up to the next set of adds. Once you finally reach the top you can kill the adds in front of Nalorakk without him argoing.

You will have 2 tanks for this fight. One will tank the humanoid form and the other will tank the bear form. If one of your tanks die run down the steps because any group needing to read this will not be able to take him down with one tank. In the video below you will see one of our tanks died at the end of the fight. If Nalorakk is below about 15% health then go for it but if you tank dies at say 50% just run.

Assign MDs on the tanks. Because of the cooldown timer for MD you will hit it for the first and miss it the second. Whoever is taking the tank for the humanoid form MD right at the beginning. The person taking the bear form tank will wait until he changes form to MD.

For a hunter this is a tank and spank. It is the healers who will have a hard time for this one. Keep using MD whenever you can and dont over argo.

The timer at the top of your screen is for the chest loot. If you do not finish within the timer you will still get a drop from the boss but you will not get any of the extra chest loot.

If you picked up the quest in Lower City and turned it in outside the map will be on the landing on the right side of Nalorakk's platform.

Hunter Loot:
Timed Chest Hunter Loot:

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