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Monday, June 2, 2008

Opera Event

This is the last fight for the first half of Kara. There will be one of three events you will be doing. You don't know until someone talks to Barnes, who is right by the stage, and if you wipe or leave the instance you will have the same event for the rest of the week until Tuesday resets. Its a good idea to have your raid look over all the events because the more time you try to figure out fights at Kara the more time you are wasting because of respawns. One thing to bash into your raid members heads is don't use AoEs on the edge of the stage. Anything from the curtain to the end of the stage can cause the crowd to argo and wipe the raid.

Big Bad Wolf

This is the easiest of all the fights. This is a fight where it is great to be a hunter. The event wont start until your tank talks to Grandma. She will turn into the Wolf/Worgen and they should take it into one of the back corners. During the fight the BBW will turn people into Little Red Riding Hood. Your armor and resistances will go to 0 but you will get a 50% speed increase. You are meant to run around the outside of the stage but being a hunter you have a trick. If you are turned into LRRH then FD and stay down the entire time you are LRRH which is about 10 seconds. BBW will turn around and go right back to the Main Tank and healers don't have to worry about healing you.


Romulo & Julianne

This one is a little harder than BBW. This is like the fight in ZG where both mobs have to die within 10 seconds of each other. First you will kill Julianne, then Romulo will come out and you kill him, the third phase is when both of them are out. Different raids have different strats on doing this but what seems to work the best is having just a few DPS on Julianne and most on Romulo. Then in voice chat there is a person on each mob designated to call out what percent of health each of them are.

There will be Warriors and Rogues stopping spell casting of her healing spell Eternal Affection. Julianne has a spell Devotion which increases her spell casting time by 50%. If you have a Mage in the group have them spell steal that, otherwise you will Arcane Shot her when she has it to dispel it. Romulo has a spell Daring which increases his attack speed by 50%. You will want to Arcane Shot this buff off of him. Basically a good rule of thumb, if you see a D spell being cast hit arcane shot.

The rest of the fight is timing it so they go down asap. If one goes down and theres still about 10% life in the other just DPS like mad and don't even worry about Omen. Who cares if you steal argo so long as the bosses go down.

NOTE: Be sure to loot the Badge of Justice from both mobs!

Wizard of Oz

This is the hardest and buggiest event. This is mainly kill each mob but some raids have the hunters Scare Beast Roar. Be aware he does run through the closed doors and isn't targetable until he is back on stage. Sometimes he don't appear on stage until he is already bashing down someone. One cure for this is to Misdirect Roar onto the Main Tank at the beginning of the fight and do so as much as you can throughout the fight. This will help save the healers and clothies. After the first set of mobs are down you will fight the Crone. Keep out of the Tornado because you will fly up in the air and take damage. This fight depends on everyone in the raid to have a certain job so check out the WoWWiki link above.

A macro that will help you to Scare Beast Roar is:

/cast [target=Rawr, exists] Scare Beast(Rank 3)

Note that the Ruby Slippers have the same cooldown timer as your Hearthstone so there is no use in a non-cloth to take them.

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