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Monday, June 2, 2008


Moroes is a Hunter needed suggested fight. You will be chain trapping one of the adds that is with Moroes. Once everything is clear you will see Moroes in the center and 2 adds on each side. The usual ways to take down adds is have an Off Tank or 2 take one each and have Priests and Hunters CC the others. Depending on how good your group is the Priests and Hunters may need to chain trap the entire time.

If you are assisting another hunter with trapping stay right by the other hunter and lay traps between the other hunter and the mob. NEVER shoot at someone elses CC unless told to because it leads to broken traps and changed argo. Always keep an eye on your mob because if a caster or healer gets argo because of their casting on other things you need to get argo back asap.

The adds change each week so once you get in there your raid needs to learn which mobs are which classes. Any healers or CC breaking mobs are taken down first. There is usually a warrior and a pally that you will be trapping. Be careful of the warriors whirlwind and the pally will "stupid hammer stun" you. You should be keeping your traps either on one of the sides or the long area in front of Moroes. When your mob is trapped run to the opposite side of your trapping safe area and lay another trap. This will give you extra time in case your mob breaks trap before you have another because the mob has to run to you.

You will see in this pic the usual placement of people and adds. If there are Priests Shackling they are usually sitting on the steps leading up to Moroes table. Trap your mob in one of the 2 dark blue spots and keep running them back and forth along the light blue area. This will keep your trapped mobs away from the action. Be sure your healers keep an eye on your because there are times you will get hit. I usually eat a +STA food for this fight because you will already be gimped on DPS because of paying attention to trapping and the extra health is really needed for this fight. Keep an eye out for the debuff Garrote and yell if you see it on you. You can be cleansed of it and it is a nasty long DoT. Moroes will Vanish every once in a while so make sure you pop cooldowns when he appears.

NOTE: You do not have to kill all the adds. Say you have 2 hunters and they chain trap through the whole thing you can down Moroes and then run out of the room and down the steps and it will clear argo. So long as Moroes is down the adds will despawn. This is a good thing to keep in mind especially if you just barely beat Moroes and there isn't enough raid members, health, or mana to take down the rest. It isn't hard to chain trap through the entire fight so long as you keep track of your traps, put distance between you and your trapped mobs, and hopefully have a healer keeping a stray eye on you in case you need a heal.

In the video below you will see I trapped my mob, then MDed the second add target to the OT, and then went after skull. Usually we keep 1-2 mobs trapped the whole time... so long as the tanks get healed.

Moroes drops some nice items but is not a main Hunter loot boss. Here are some things you might be interested in.
Below is some info from WoWWiki on the adds:

Baroness Dorothea Millstipe
Her mana burn spell is the single most dangerous factor in this fight. It can burn all the mana from a healer, leading to a wipe. Fortunately, her cloth armor makes her easy to kill. Burn her down first, and as quickly as possible. Interrupt, silence, and stun her attempts to cast the mana burn. She does not need a tank, but make sure to heal her target.
Lady Catriona Von'Indi
She does not appear to use her Dispel Magic to free the other dinner guests from shackles or traps. Instead, she uses it to remove buffs from players. Her heals must be interrupted. If she is killed, no tank is required.
Lady Keira Berrybuck
Her heals and cleanses make her extremely disruptive, as she will release her friends from Shackle Undead and Freezing Trap. Her Blessing of Might adds 550 attack power and is also dangerous, especially on Moroes. Due to her armor and Divine Shield she is more difficult to kill than the priests. Therefore, she is a high priority to keep shackled the whole fight. If she is killed or trapped, warn the raid that shackles and other traps will break early and that priests, hunters, and shamans must get rid of the Blessing of Might. Her Divine Shield can be dispelled with Mass Dispel. If she is to be killed, a tank is a good idea, but not required.
Baron Rafe Dreuger
His main threat is his ability to stun his main target with Hammer of Justice and take off after a healer. While he has a documented Cleanse ability, he does not appear to use it much. He may be trapped, so long as the hunter is careful not to let him get close enough to stun. A tank is required to kill him.
Lord Robin Daris
His main threat is his powerful Mortal Strike. He will quickly kill anyone but a tank. He should generally be chain-trapped by a hunter, then tanked and killed. If no hunters are available, he should simply be off-tanked (with extra heals) until it is time to kill him. He can also be kept shackled the whole fight, but with great caution; the priest will die in one hit if he gets loose for long enough. Keep him away from the raid, as his whirlwind causes damage if he uses it in a crowd.
Lord Crispin Ference
He doesn't do a lot of damage, but takes a long time to kill. Therefore, it's reasonable to attack Moroes while Ference is still alive. Although his disarm ability is annoying, it is reasonable to off-tank him as a "rage battery", especially as a druid bear. Once the other dinner guests are dead or shackled, he can be trapped, turned, or killed when Moroes vanishes.

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sriggins said...

We've done moroes 10 times without a hunter.

Simply have your offtank pull X to moroes, so he can generate rage/aggro on both. This is a cinch if the X is the Prot Warr.

Our third tank (usually healy druid, or paladin) takes skull. Rogues burn down skull.

Two priests shackle the other two.

We kill Skull-X-Moroes, unless a shackle breaks without quick reshackle, then we down that.

Works like a charm every time