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Monday, June 2, 2008

Maiden of Virtue

Maiden of Virtue is a boss that can be skipped but the healers will usually scream if you do because she drops a nice healing mace. By the time you get to the point where all your healers have their mace she will be easy to take down.

Before the fight starts it is a good idea to leave your pet on stay at the door. Pets sometimes not like to run right beside you and if they go out too far she will argo. Run around the outside of the room along the wall until everyone is spread out. Healers will be equal distance from each other.
Once the Tank runs in you want to run up to the grey steps. Maiden has an AoE that causes damage so you dont want to get too close. This is a fight where having your pet up there helps the whole raid because her AoE causes a base amount of damage and the more people she hits with it the less damage each person takes because the damage is spread out. If you pet has Avoidance 2 it should be find to Mend Pet through the fight.

She has a spell called Repentance that will stun you for a few seconds. If you get up on the stage area right before she does it the AoE damage should break the stun. Be sure to keep your pet topped off though in case you are stunned for the full amount of time.

In this fight she has a debuff called Holy Fire. If you get this scream out you have it but if everyone in your raid has DMB or BigWigs they will already know. This is a DoT that will also cause damage to people to close to you.

This is a healer intensive fight because they have to not only keep the tank up but also top off people from the AoE, cleanse the Holy Fires, and heal people who had Holy Fire on them. So long as you DPS and are ready for the stuns this will be an easy fight for a Hunter.

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