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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 - Favorite class and why?

Whenever I play a MMO I usually end up going with 2 classes, Druids and Hunters. When I played EQ I had a Druid main and a Beastlord alt. Now with Warcraft my main is a Hunter and my main alt is a Druid. I never could get into playing cloth classes. I would like to know I can take a few hits and live. I also haven't gotten into playing plate classes. Plate classes in my mind = a tank. I know they can DPS and heal depending on the class but in the back of my mind I keep seeing a tank strobe light going off.

I like the Druids and Hunters because they are nature based. They are friendly with animals and can usually be found somewhere out in the woods. This is how I am in real life.

In Warcraft my favorite class would be the hunters because I like the fact they are a ranged DPS and also the ability to collect pets. Each pet I tame and use are tamed for a specific reason. I like the idea of the Dark Ranger Hero class and it reflects in my pet choices. I have a Ghost Wolf and a Slime as my main DPS and Tanking pet. I also have an array of ghost animals in my stable. I like the idea of almost being a hybrid of a Hunter and a Warlock.

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