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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grumble has been Haxored

Well the gold spamming bastards got Grumble. We have never shared our passwords so it was a keylogger. He hasnt played since the New Years and deleted his WoW folder a couple of days ago and it was in there apparently because no scanners are bringing up anything. His account is perma banned atm. His lvl 80s just have badge gear on and our alt guild bank is near empty. We have 4 tabs of mostly WotLK stuff and some BC items and 90% of it is gone. They only left us with the created food and AQ scarabs.

Everyone shell out the 6 bucks for an Authenticator. We have been saying for the past month we were going to get some for our accounts but we waited too long for one. Don't say "it will never happen to me" because we thought it wouldnt happen to us since we have played Everquest for 5 years and Warcraft for 4 years with no hacks.

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Hydra said...

I am really sorry to hear this. It has been so long since I have heard anyone getting hacked I was hoping the bad people all went away. /wishful thinking.