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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The past few weeks people have been scurrying around getting badges and loot through the new LFG feature. There has been some cheers and jeers and anyone in a guild or listening to Trade chat has heard people venting, laughing, or praising their pug groups. Here are a few tips for those who are pugging.

Dear Mr RP Pally,

When doing H HoR with you it was funny when you did a bunch of emotes at the start but on the first pull you failed big time. You are suppose to AoE to get all the mobs pissed off at you. Yes the group knew the waves were LoS pulls but letting the mobs kill off people before the pull because you were trying to prove some kind of point was stupid. What was it you were trying to prove?

1337 people,

Yeah you will get some people in your group that have a 2-3k gear score. Usually this is just one person. Do not tell them to get better gear before doing heroics because they are in the gear from quests and normals and are ready to step into heroics. So what if you are doing 30-40% of the damage. So long as the person is trying and is not standing around doing nothing, they are attempting to get better gear through heroics and badges.

Busy people,

If you are in a situation where you need to keep going AFK then maybe this is not the time to be pugging. Your group does not want to wait around while you get your lunch out of the fridge.

To healers and tanks,

Now I have dinged my druid 80 on christmas and currently have a little over 4k gear score. I have worked hard for that. I know that I can heal all heroics through H ToC but the new ones I am unsure of. If you feel you are thrown into a heroic that is rough for you then tell the group to start with. Yeah you may get bitched at by some jerk but it is overall better to let the group know you are unsure of the instance than to play it by ear and hope for the best. You will get more cheers admiting it may be too hard for you than to try to act uber and kill off the group on the first 3 mob pull.

To "Off tanks,"

Yeah you are a plate class but unless you are the tank in the group you should not be getting as much damage as you are. The only time you should be tanking a mob is if one strays away and is attacking someone else in the group. Enable Target of Target or make an assist macro. An easy way to do this is to make a macro /assist focus then when you join a group target the tank and type /focus. This will make you assist the focused tank and you dont have to mess around with changing names in the macro.

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Roger said...

I love the new LFG system! As a tank or healer, you get into groups really fast.

But it's still just a game, and it's important to remember what you said here about not bitching about someone having crappy gear, and needing to get better gear before they do heroics.

I was in a group the other day, and we had a Shaman who was in some REALLY bad gear.

We ran the whole thing til the last boss, then the tank started complaining, and voted to kick him.

I was assuming we'd get another in the lfg, but instead as soon as the new player was gone, the tank went running in to pull the boss!

I was so pist I just left the group, they wiped, and their unwillingness to help a new player was the reason.

It wasn't like we wiped, or even needed that newer players dps!

So what if you're pulling someone through to help them get better gear, it's just a game, and unless the rest of the group is really fail, it won't matter much anyway.