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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye Keys

With 3.0.8 there has been some changes in item keys. Scepter of Celebras and Mallet of Zul'Farrak are now stat weps and no longer keys. This means so more portals into Maradon. /sad panda Then a guildie linked the Urn. I just finished that stupid quest a few weeks ago! Now instead of summoning a dragon it is vendor fodder. Seal of Ascension is no longer needed to enter UBRS either.

I wouldn't mind if they changed it so you only needed to have completed the quests and don't need the items on you but to completely oust them is kinda shafty. This and the faction changes have frazzled me. I am 30% through Revered with Zandalar Tribe from blood, sweat, and begging people to go in there pre WOTLK. Now ZG is soloable and any Joe can go in and get uber faction in a couple of runs. Timbermaw faction was a royal PITA! At least I can drink with the Thorium Brotherhood and know our friendship wont be lost to fairweather friends.

/end QQ

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