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Monday, December 29, 2008

Achievements and Kara

Since I have some time off during the holidays I have been working my booty off trying to get as much stuff done as possible. I have finished off the Merrymaker, some fishing and cooking, and Northrend Dungeonmaster Achievements. /cheer Doing the PvP achievement was a royal pain since everyone seems to be killing off gnomes first in AVs.

Also, I have been saying over and over in my guild that I wanted to pet tank Kara. My guildies would just smile and nod. Well it happened. One day last week 4 of us went into Kara and made it through Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden, R&J Opera, Curator, and Shade. (WWS IMG) We tried to do Chess about 5 times and just couldnt get it. The lowest we got their king was 33%. Our group consisted of Grumble and I (2 Hunters with Gorillas), a Rogue, and a Shaman.

Santa came to our house and gave me new headphones. Yeah! Now I dont sound all crackly on Vent.

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