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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WotLK Hunter Talents

There is 2 types of talent trees you will be using as you play the WotLK expansion. One will be a grinding spec as you level up and the other is a DPS spec when you get to lvl 80 and start into raiding.

For a leveling spec get any talents that increases Hit Points, Armor, Dodge and Healing. This will really help a lot when your pet is tanking mobs no matter what kind of pet you have. You can see a rough build for leveling BM here.

Beast Mastery

Tier One

I see this one proc all the time. 15% ranged attack speed boost is really nice for cranking out extra DPS.

This is one of those that can be moved around. The extra health is nice for AoE boss fights but can be replaced with another talent.

Tier Two

This has a nice boost in your own damage and depending on your pet the increased chance of crit could mean a couple K extra damage.

If you are BM you are bound to your pet. If your pet gets nuked in a raid you have to get them back and ready for action ASAP. Reduced cast time, reduced mana cost, and increased health will help you do that.

Tier Three

For one point you get a lot from this talent. Do more damage with Viper and a lot more attack power with Hawk. I can see Dragonhawk being a nice aspect for PvP/Arena.

20% is a nice bonus to your pets damage. If you have a tanking pet your pet helps you down mobs faster and if you have a DPS pet you have a shredding machine.

Tier Four

When you are on boss fights mana means a lot. This one saves you mana and can help cure and DoTs on your pet.

More pet damage. Linked to Frenzy so this is mandatory.

Tier Five

This is useful in 3 ways. First off it is linked to other must have talents. Secondly, this is an argo generator for your pet. You can keep cranking out the DPS while leveling/farming without pulling from your pet. Lastly, this is a nice talent when your pet gets below 40% health and you need a few ticks of Mend Pet to hit your pet to boost em back up.

Focus, focus, focus. You can never get too much of it when Claw, Bite, and Smack are focus dumps. More focus - more DPS.

Tier Six

The higher you can get your pet's crit the longer they can have increased attack speed with this talent.

Tier Seven

With WotLK this talent is now raid wide and also stacks with other BM Hunters FI. If you have 3 BM hunters in your raid and they all proc at the same time, which I have seen many times, that is +9% dps for the whole raid.

This is the Big Red Kitty talent. Send casters to the grave with this one. BW is very nice to use on mobs that fear or stun. This ability will also release your pet from any kind of CC.

Tier Eight

This is one I am unsure of ATM. More mana regen means more time you can keep in AotH without changing to AotV.

This talent is why other specs of Hunters hate us. We get an increase in attack speed of the ranged weapon we are using. This can make a So-So wep into a viable wep. Another pet attack speed increase also. Go go Shredder.

Tier Nine

This is a very nice talent because it means you can use your special abilities more often. This can throw off macros that are set up to trigger BW and trinkets on the same timer so take that into consideration when using those macros.

This is the same thing as Beastial Wrath but it applies to you. This will also help you break out of CC and make you immune to fear.

Tier Ten

More pet damage. /cheer


Tier One

Increases your crit chance. This is one you shouldn't pass up.

Tier Two

Seeing that many pieces of raiding gear includes Int in the stats, you could really boost up your attack power with this one.

Where Lethal Shots increases your crit chance, this one increases the damage you do on your crits.

Tier Three

More focus for the focus dump abilities and Growl.

A 2 minute chop off of Rapid Fires cooldown makes this one worth while for raiding. The additional damage is useful when farming because when you are raiding you probably wont chain pull enough to put faith in the damage side.

Tier Four

This is really nice if you have a habit of sting-ing a boss where you have to move around a lot. This also helps drain mana from either caster bosses or the random SPriest attacking you when doing the BG Daily.

Tier Five

When I found out Readiness was moved to the MM tree I was estatic. Many Hunters use this when their FD or Traps fail. That was pre-WotLK, this is now. Imagine being able to do back to back BW and rapid fire. /love

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