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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mor Work?

It seems like I haven't rested since last Thursday. I can't see how people are already lvl 80. That's just crazy talk. Right now Grumble and I have baby Death Knights and are pretty impressed with them. Grumble is 73 and I am almost there. Personally, I love the Tundra and hate the Fijord. I have quested a bit in Dragon Blight and like it there. We also headed out to the Basin last night. At 72 I could easily solo the 75-77 mobs there with my gorilla. Clarabelle never went below 60% when I didn't heal her.

I updated the Hunter Related section to include the new Scopes, Enchants, and Gems. I will be going through and adding food and pots soon.

Pet wise, I have just used my Gorilla. She rocks no matter whether I am farming or leveling. I have made plenty skinners happy when trailing me. Grumble has been using his Gorilla also but yesterday found the glory of the Worm. They have an amazing swimming animation. Oh yeah, and they tank well also. I tried a Rhino for all of 10 minutes. Yeah they may have their use but not for me right now. I like the ability of AoEing down mobs fast and their Knockback is on too long of a cooldown.

Now, back to leveling.

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