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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Coffee and Photoshop

Well I was going to start working on another Photoshop piece but apparently Patch 3.0.X and WoWModelViewer are not getting along so well. It will load but whenever I try to look at any models the program crashes. Over at the WMV main forums they have a temp fix which involves making a copy of WoW and just using up to the 2.4 patch. I dont feel like going to all the trouble and I couldnt see all the new WotLK models anyways. They said they have a fix that is stable for most people and when it is stable for all they will release it. Guess I wont be doing any RP type paintings for a while. I do have a nice screenshot of Grumble as a zombie and his Gorilladin grinning at the camera.

The free Starbucks coffee I mentioned yesterday was totally disgusting. It tasted like it had been sitting there for hours burning to the bottom of the pot. Yeah it was free but it turned me away from every having the notion of paying their prices for a coffee. Give me the 99 cent cups from the gas station any day. At least they taste good.


Pinkhair 3d said...

It won't be long, now, it seems. The main bottleneck is that darjk, the guy who's done most of the model viewer updates, isn't around for the time being.

Mania said...

I've been using the unofficial 'fan update', posted in the Announcement forum here:

It has some issues with some models, but most of the creatures work reasonably well.

Autumnn said...

@ Mania

Brilliant! Thank you