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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beat the leveling rush

I have seen post after post around the net of people saying they have requested time off from work for the day of up to a week after WotLK comes out. Needless to say there will be a whole crapload of people in the same areas trying to level. There has to be some way to make it a little easier to level, at least at the beginning. Well there is.

I currently have 100X Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample sitting in my bank. At first it was because Grumble and I would farm Nagrand a lot getting leathers or leveling pets. We ended up getting tired of always seeing the dust and not being able to skin when there was a dust on the corpse and someone still needed to loot it. When you turn 20 of them in at a time in Halaa you get 11,650EXP according to current leveling. Thats 58,250EXP for 5 turnins. ~Thanks Tagreth

Next, right before you get your copy of the xpac do as many dailies you can. Fill up your 25 quests with dailies but dont turn them in. Once you put your codes in and can continue to level turn your quests in. There will be a big chunk of exp depending on which dailies you do. Remember, there are dailies on the island, Sunwell ones in Shatt, Cooking, Fishing, PvP, BEM, Skettis, and Netherwing. So long as you've been lvl 70 for a while and have done some prequests you should easily be able to fill up your quest log.

I still have Consortium faction to finish up. I am about 60% through revered. The mobs in Netherstorm are lvl 68+. I will be waiting on finishing up that faction until the xpac. Also the mobs in Shadowmoon are also lvl 68+. If you need to farm mats or finish up quests in either of these areas you might want to wait until the xpac.

If you were an inventive enchanter you would have learned when the scourge invasion was happening you could collect all the stones and turn around and buy up purple gear for 15 stones. You could then DE them into 1-2 Void crystals. Voids can be turned into 2 Large Prismatic Shards. Voids and Large Pris is candy for leveling on a red recipe.

If you cook a lot then head over to Terokkar and bring a chair and a beer and fish your heart out. Collect as many Furious Crawdad you can. While you are doing this you can try to complete the achievement to get the Mr Pinchy pet. Also keep a hold of any Huge Spotted Feltail and Enormous Barbed Gill Trout.

Can you think of any other ideas to raise your level or tradeskills and get a jumpstart out of the gate?


Jamie said...

Excellent tips! I will definately be employing some of these. I know I have some crystal powder in my bank because I don't throw anything away. Thank you!

Rhoelyn said...

Remember that as far as XP goes, this is akin to filling up your questlog with level 60 quests and then going in to Outlands to turn them in; the XP gained is going to be very small in comparison to that required to level AND in comparison to Wrath quest XPs.

Not that I'm saying not to do this, but don't be expecting to ding 74 in the first day because you did. I wouldn't like to see anyone disappointed when a log full of Outland quests is only worth a few bubbles in Northrend.

... the pre-expac gold from all those quests could conceivably be more valuable than the post-expac experience. Food for thought.

Best wishes,