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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dark Rangers and Conspiracy Theories

I personally think Bre and Fimlys are putting something subliminal in their blogcast The Twisted Nether. Seems like every time I listen to it I get the artistic bug and start up Photoshop.
Last night while listening to reruns I was flipping through WoWModelViewer and thought the skelly serpent would be a great Hunter pet. Then I thought about the Hero class I would LOVE to see introduced into the game, the Dark Ranger. Dark Rangers are like Hunters but with a Warlock feel instead of Druid. Sylvanas Windrunner is the best known Dark Ranger. I would really like to see players with undead pets and casting plague shots. I think my obsession began when I was a lvl 20 Hunter going through Undead lands to get my Springpaw Lynx in the Bloodelf area. When I first saw a Dark Hound I was drooling. I was ready to stop my trek to tame one of these instead. Then I found out they were undead and couldnt be tamed. I ended up getting a little bit of satisfaction in taming a Ghost Wolf but it isnt the same. I want to be a Necrohunter.

This is where my mind took me. A Dark Ranger with her companion. WoWModelViewer, Photoshop 7, Wacom tablet, lots and lots of airbrushing. Click for larger image.


Breana said...

haha, the secret is out! Umm..maybe not...but if it gets you to create such pieces of awesome, then I will take credit.

Skelly pets and bad-a$$ bow just equals WIN!

Phyllixia said...

I love this! I always wanted to roll a Dark Ranger; unfortunately I had to settle for NE hunter instead :P