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Friday, June 20, 2008

Raid Quotes!

A recent Blog Azeroth shared topic is Raid Quotes. It is always fun when someone takes the stress out of raiding by saying something funny in /raid or Vent. Here are some of my favs.

"I wonder if I have any porn on this computer."

Raid Leader: "Anyone have any issues before we start?"
Raider_001: "It burns when I pee."

"OMG It really is a big black void in Maidens' crotch!"

"Don't worry. Tag always heals better when he is drunk."

"Whatever you do don't attack the star" - Raptor Mount boss, guy at the bottom of the steps.
You have entered combat.

Raid Leader in Vent: "Is everyone on Vent now?"

Raid Leader: "Ok we are going to take an AFK break."
Raider: "Remember if its more than 2 shakes it's masturbation."

Raider_001: /yell in Kara "OMG we are gonna Pwn you B&#*$!!"
Raider_002: /raid "You know everyone in Kara can see that right?"
/general lots of heckling.

Hunter_001: "OMG I cant use any of my shots! Ive been trying to hit my keys and they aren't doing anything!"
Raider_001: "Are you out of ammo?"
Hunter_001: "I need a summon..."

(From a lvl 70 pug)
"Hunter_001, where is your pet?"
"It died and I didn't have time to tame another one."

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