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Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing on the PTR

Well today I have set foot on the PTR to play around with the various updates. First I went on my little lvl 30 druid to get her mount. My druid is honored with Darnassus so this is the type of pricing you will see on a regular rep grinding for a lvl 30.

The Skyguard now has a mini pet added for Exalted people. It ends up being 34G with the faction discount.

They also changed the height of flying minipets on the PTR. Now they float about waist height but theres a catch. Only your pet will be higher. Other people with flying pets, as of this posting, is still ground level. Below is shots of my pet which is higher and someone elses pet. I have tested out if the pet changes levels when i sit and it didnt. I am really hoping they change this because it really changes nothing if others cannot see your pet higher.
Next is the new Trading Card Game items. Blizz is allowing us to go to Booty Bay and "buy" the new items for this testing round. First is the Disco Ball. It puts down a box with a Disco Ball bouncing around like a Jack-in-The-Box, lights spinning on the ground around it, and a cog type click to make people dance when they click it. Kinda a fun toy. Also you can see the Fel Feet. It comes in stacks of 100 and lasts for 5 minutes. When you walk it leaves about a 10 ft trail of Fel fire behind you.

There is also an Ethereal Trader you can get. It acts like a noncombat pet. When it is out and you kill something it will do a spell like when Warlocks make soulstones and collect its own currency. You can then buy items from it with that special currency. You cannot sell other items to it like a Field Repair Bot.

Haris Pilton in Lower City now sells items. Most of them are just junk but she does have a nice bag. The shades look like pink Engineering goggles when put on.

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