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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hunters Duo BM Daily

Black Morass is one of the normal dailys in Shatt. Sometimes you will find people dont want to do it because they have already done the instance so many times for drops/faction that it is a pain to find a group for it. Well so long as you have some pretty good DPS and a buddy or 2 you can finish the daily and help alchemists with their quest. Have each person in your mini group get a Chronobeacon and clear out the mobs. Have someone start the event and have one person drop one for each of the first few dragons. DPS like mad because most people will not pull argo from the Chronobeacon dragon. One time we did it we had a pissed off dragon coming at us with about 4k health left. Don't worry about the adds. Wash, rinse, repeat. It took us 4 times to finish the quest (killing 4 Rift Lords) but it only took about a half hour to 45 mins so it was about the same amount of time for a normal group to finish the instance.

You can also use this tactic on Heroic mode in a full group by placing the beacons on the first 5 mobs and killing the boss for a badge and resetting the instance. Have a DPS or 2 on adds for the beacon dragons and everyone on the boss.


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