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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aspect of the Coin

So Blizz adds a whole slew of dailys and ups our limit to 25. Everyone was squeeing with joy saying "I can get my epic mount now." There was some bloggers saying the reasoning for doing this is to try to combat gold sellers. Well now, atleast on our server, we have seen that backfire. Prices on everything from lowbie items to lvl 70 obsessions have skyrocketed. Cut gems have double or tripled in price. Stat food has doubled. And faction items, pfft!

ZG Coins have gone from 1-2g to 10 each and Bijous from 10-25g.

Stacks of Dark Iron Ore from 5g to 20g.

Coilfang armaments from 9-13g to 20-30g.

It seems like the only factions based item that hasnt gone up is Aldor/Scryer items because of people getting so many from doing dailys.

Before 2.4 Large Prismatic Shards were 20g each and Void Crystals were 30g. Now Large Pris. are 30-40g and Voids are 40g. Thank gawd I'm an Enchanter with Void Shatter.

Now the economy has an influx of gold which is making AH sellers think "People have more gold so I will jack up my prices." If Blizz was trying to curb the Gold Seller business they have failed.

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Jessica said...

many of my friends have stopped doing farming runs and are instead just doing more dailies. less farming= less supply = higher price. *sigh*