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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dwarf/Dragon Fight

While in Burning Stepps there is a hill you can run up and be able to walk along the ridge of the mountians. All the Dwarves are level 30 and a level 53 drake spawns and attacks them. It is a pretty funny fight to watch because when a dwarf almost dies they try to run away.

If you go west through the valley you will get to an overlook of the Elwynn waterfall. Below is a shot of the lone house on top of the waterfall that I used Eagle Eye to see. On the right hand side is the valley where we were standing.

Jumping down the hill from the valley you will get to the river that leads 2 ways. One way is to the other waterfall people try to climb up. The other is to a dead end with an un-texturemapped hill. On the other side of that hill is where people are when they get under Stormwind.

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