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Thursday, May 22, 2008


People have been asking us how we got our mounts so fast and granted it was because of staying up for 23 hours and racking up tickets through the dark iron attacks. Below is how to get tickets. The ticket amounts may not be correct when you read this because they have already changed the amounts once. First number is with dark iron attacks and second is without (when they are disabled server wide).

You have to be level 40 to get the ram mount quest Once you turn in the 600 tickets you get a quest to take the hand stamp to the ram seller. The ram seller is the guy next to the There and Back again quest giver by the road. Once you talk to him you get a normal merchant screen and can buy both of them. lvl 40 mount is 10G and lvl 60 is 100G. So long as your are level 40+ (got the quest in the first place) you can buy both mounts.

How to ram race

When ram racing keep right clicking the reins in your bag to go faster. There is a fatigue buff with a number. When the number hits 100 your ram will walk for a few seconds.

If you run past within 5 yards of the apples the fatigue will go away. Sometimes it is buggy and it wont record going past the apples. Supposedly if you have buffs on (thorns, frost shield, whatever) it will be more buggy. You can run across the hill instead of going around it. you will then have a straight shot from the apples to the keg thrower. Coming back to return the keg, once you pass the apples gallop the rest of the way. fly past the catcher and you can get back to the apples before your ram is fatigued.

One Time Quests

Ram Riding Training Quest - I think 40 tickets

Pink Elekks - 40 - If you did this quest right after the brewfest started then you may have another chance to do this. There was a hot-fix a few hours after brewfest started because some people were having problems getting it.

12 hour timer quests

Ram Racing There and Back again - 2 tickets per barrel during dark iron attacks/3 without

24 hour timer quests

Bark for the Barleybrews - ram riding through IF 15 tickets during DI attacks/40 without- this is another one that was hot fixed where someone could have gotten this quest 2x within the first few hours of brewfest. EDIT: This quest has been fixed and should be working. Once you get all the flags completed you can get off the brewfest ram and get on your normal riding ram if you have one to get back to the npc. I have tried this and it does work fine.

Hourly quests

Dark Iron Dwarf attacks - Currently disabled as of this post - 1 ticket per dwarf killed.

They are going to change this if/when it comes back on so people cant spam /wave. Since that will be different I wont go into how to get and throw the beer.

First off turn off full screen glow effects. You will find this is options > video. When you get drink you will be tipsy but you will still be able to see.

When a drill comes up throw 2-3 beers at it. I have noticed if I am inside a drill or right next to it I will have a better chance of hitting one.

Also dont go into the middle of the field. There will be more people there and the beer people (if they will still throw them) have further to throw them to you and add in lag and you will be slowed down a lot.

If you see a mug power up (you will know when you see it) go to it. you will get a master drunk buff that will spin you around throwing beers in addition to the ones you drink. When you find one stay on that spot because you can probably get it more than once.

When you hit one you will get a buff and the more you hit the higher your number in your buff. You are only allowed 25 "buffs". When you get 20-25 then go to the ticket person and turn in those buffs and then go back out and kill more. You can get 40-60 tickets an hour very late at night. (We didnt know about this until about 9am though when it was getting busy.)

There is 2 reasons the event will end, end of a timer (3mins i think) or the DIs destroyed the big kegs.

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