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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guild Names

With the introduction of the Guild Bank back in patch 2.3 there has been a huge influx of guilds in Warcraft. Most of them are personal bank guilds. It is nice to spend a small chunk of money and have an extra guild with 2-4 tabs of more space for all the stuff we collect.

With creating a guild we are stuck in the same situation of the character creation screen. What is its name? Some people go with a favorite saying, band, movie, or location in game. I have two bank guilds, Hordecore Pwnography and Razorfen Down Syndrome.

What are some of the funny guild names you have seen? Below is a list of a few I've seen over the years that stuck out.

Nagas Gave Me Harpies
Burns When I PVP
She Said She Was LvL 18
Built Horde Tough
Crits and Giggles
Gnomeland Security
And Two Stealthed Rogues
Bovine University

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