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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Chat Headphones

(This is not a paid advertisement. This is my personal review on a blog related product.)

A couple weeks ago I went out to look for a new set of headphones because my old ones were about 2 years old and constantly had a tone which was annoying. In the past I would always get Logitech headphones and they have always worked well for me especially since I refuse to buy headphones over $40. The store I went to had just stocked Microsoft Life Chat headphones. The ones I saw were $25 so I thought WTH I'll try them out.

When I was looking at them I liked the fact they were well padded. I have noticed when you use foam a lot of the sound is diffused so you have to turn up the volume to make up for this. My old headphones were always kept at 70-100% volume where these Life Chat ones I keep at around 20-25% system volume.

Another pet peeve is the volume control and mute buttons headphones have in the middle of the wire. What usually killed all other headphones I had was the wires inside that casing would come apart. When I would take apart that casing the wires were usually all frayed and up to 20% of them weren't even soldered correct. With the Life Chat headphones the connectors to the mute/volume are very sturdy. They probably aren't as good as a $150 set of headphones but they are much better quality than the others I've tried in the under $40 range.

The sound quality of the Life Chat phones are excellent! I usually keep my in game sounds low and when I'm flying on a drake my headphones rumble slightly giving me a bit of immersion feel. I have played around with various types of music and it has a lot of bass and completely clear sound quality.

This is the first time I have done a review besides replies on online stores from products I've bought but I have been so impressed with the cost and quality for these I had to let you all know. 8o)

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