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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4 - Meaning/Significance behind your character’s name?

Todays question, actually yesterdays but I missed it, is what is the meaning behind your characters name. When I first started MMOs in Everquest my main character was a Woodelf Druid named Autumnwynd Ravensoul. I named her this because Autumn is my favorite season and with her being a Druid I felt in her lore spirits would travel in the wind to speak to her.

Then in 2004 our second daughter was born and I named her Autumn Rainn. Autumn for the same reason and Rainn because I viewed Rain as a symbol for life.

When I started playing WoW I couldn't get the name Autumn because it was taken on my server so I changed it to Autumnn. Now that I have server switched she is now Autúmnn.

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