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Friday, November 12, 2010

A New World Awaits

So Cata will be released in less than a month. I get a feeling of excitement and a bit sad with all the things taking place. I have been running around the older zones lately getting various achievements and leveling alts. I go to all my favorite spots and have to wonder if it will still be there in a few weeks.

Blizzard has always looked at other MMOs and learned from their mistakes and their good points. One complaint about Everquest is the fact that there are so many zones but most of the lower level zones had no one in them. A years ago when Kunark was released the hit zone for the level 20s was Lake of Ill Omen. You could head there at any time and see 10-20 groups there fighting for spawns much like how the Barrens is in WoW. Then more and more expansions were released and the older zones were forgotten. Many EQ players wanted the older zones revamped so they were more popular. Granted Sony revamped a handfull of zones but overall the older zones laid unused.

Thankfully Blizzard isnt letting the classic zones end up in a screen shot graveyard. By updating these zones they are not only adding new content to old stomping grounds but they are also able to update the coding of these zones and 3d objects so they look better and load better.

Many people scream about how easy Blizz is making the game. It is a chant that has been heard for years. Yes they make it easier for the casual player but they need to do this to keep up with new and returning players. I started playing WoW right after BC came out. I leveled only my hunter Autumnn during that time. Even though I focused on one toon and had her to 80 within 9 months or so I didnt really get to see the raiding aspect of the game. I raided Kara to exalted and then some. I raided Gruul and Mags and got to see Void Reaver and Lurker fall once. Even with spending all my time with one character I only was able to raid about half of BC content at level.

With WOTLK I was able to raid much more and have the option of leveling other characters. During my LK time I have been able to raid up to Sindragosa on both my Hunter and Druid. I also have been able to level up another hunter and a DK to 80 and a shaman currently about 55. Also in LK we had an explosion of PUG groups. At least on my server there wasnt many pugs in BC and when there was it was failed Kara runs even when Sunwell was out. The increased use of PUGs have been a godsend to casual players who cannot raid with their guild because of slots or schedual.

The class changes for Cata has been both hated and loved by all. Personally I dont mind the changes of the Hunter class but I am uneasy about the changes to the Resto Druids. I want my tree back blizz! I have been leveling a Shaman the past few weeks and have fallen in love with their healing style. The release of Cata might just be the thing to get out of my safe zone and try tanking with my druid.

What changes in Cata have you seen that you love or hate?

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