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Saturday, November 7, 2009

18 Min Dance

The guild I'm in has been recruiting a lot lately and we have gone from having enough to do 2 Ulduar 10 man raids to having a Naxx 25 raid. So last night a lot of the new people were invited and some regular members jumped on alts and we ventured into Naxx. When we started Heigan people were told the dance sucks. Just try your best and if you die watch the people who are still up during the dance phase to get a first hand view of how the dance goes. Oh did they get a view...

First dance we lost probably 8 people. Understandable. Many of them have never been to Naxx before. Next dance we lost more, and more, and more. Finally at about 10 minutes into it we had an army of 10. Then a few of them died. We then had a group of 5-6 people trudging along trying to get this SOB to die.

My wolf kept dying so I would only rez him when Heart of the Phoenix was up. I would hit Bestial Wrath and he would die again soon after that. Even when I told him to stay with me on stage he managed to croak.

Every time we dance I was running spamming my shot rotation to get off stings and arcane shots. Whenever I could I would spin jump and get Aimed Shot and, near the end, Kill Shot off. Finally the SOB died.

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Euripides said...

I have found a fair bit of success strafing instead of running. The trick is that you have to stay close to the inside of the circle- right next to the platform. This allows you to fire instants without jumping, as well as fire autos whenever you stop to wait for the next splash.

Just remember to feign death when he comes down :) That or deterrence :P