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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We hope that everyone is having a great Hallows End! I have managed to get everything I wanted on my Hunter and DK but still after 3 years have not seen the Horsemans mount drop. /sad panda

Last night I had a lot of fun with my guild going through Ulduar. This is the second time we went through there with them and we managed to get 4 bosses down. We will be heading back in there this afternoon to see if we can down a few more.

Tonight I will be taking the kids out trick r treating and this will be the first year I will not be running a Zombie Invasion. Past years I would invite people from other servers to join me in a level 1 Undead run to Stormwind to attack the Auction House. This event has gained popularity in the LJ WoW_Ladies group so I am hoping others will pick up the reins this year.

I believe I have finished updating all the information that has changed or been added since Feb but if you see anything on the page that is still not correct let me know. I have a lot of draft posts lined up and just need to get the chance of making videos of various encounters.

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