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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where The Hell Have You Been???

Well we haven't been on Grumble and Autumnn much the past few months. I had a job offer working 3rd shift in Feb. I no longer had time to raid and the guild we were running split because of people wanting to raid and some of our other members also had work/life changes.

I went back to Horde side and leveled up a Tauren DK to lvl 80. Grumble saw how easy it was to get into PUGs Horde side so he leveled up an 80 Belf Hunter. Day after he dinged 80 they opened up faction changes. I have been leveling up my very first WoW toon, a 35 Troll Hunter, and made it to lvl 68.

We started thinking about how much time we have spent on Grumble and Autumnn and it was a shame to abandon 2 great toons. Yesterday we faction changed them. Grumble is now a Troll and Autumnn is a Tauren. We have been having more fun than we have had for a long time.

Faction changes cost $30 and include character customization and name change if you want. Blizz says allow for a few days for the process to complete but ours were ready in about an hour. Once you change you get a new icon by your toons name and you can change to what race you want and pick skin and such like making a new toon.

Blog Azeroth shared topic has helped us get back into business. The blog will be updated more frequently from now on since we are actually playing the toons its named after and the alts we are playing are the same faction as them. We have been in a family/leveling guild the past few weeks and have overheard many questions I have never even thought about blogging about so there will be a lot of posts coming up on basics I havent seen other bloggers posting about and also some PvP info.

I will be changing around the blog the next few weeks to reflect the changes that have happened. We're back!!!!!


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