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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Patch Day

So I get out of work this morning to a balmy wind, make it home and start up some Ham and Potato soup. Got the kids off to school and awwww... Patch Day. I already have the Brewfest title and one more day of dailies will net me the minipet. I have battled Corin Direbrew a few times but haven't won the remote or kodo yet. /sad panda

I had a really eventful weekend. As you guys may know I put Autumnn on the back burner for about 5 months waiting on the faction changes and have finally been able to dust her off. Friday night I logged on to be thrown into a Naxx10 raid. They already finished the Military Quarter so I didnt get the 4 Horseman knocked off my achievement but we did do everything except for Frost Lair.

Saturday I signed up for a pug by a well organized raid leader for Naxx 25. We cleared it in 3 hours and I got to achievement spam. I got to upgrade my neck, back, and feet. I was also able to net enough emblems to upgrade my legs. I have already seen my dps shoot up. Non-buffed I was getting about 2.2K dps and I am now over 3k unbuffed. I am still using a Nesingwary for my gun. Realistically I am looking to get the gun from H ToC but my real goal is to get the gun from KT in Naxx25.

I am still raiding as BM and so far have been keeping up on the dps. In heroic groups I am topping the charts still with like geared people. When I was in Naxx25 I was really low mainly because there was a lot of people there in top raiding gear doing 6-7k dps and the fact I have never done the 25 man before. The only thing I screwed up on was fighting Sapphiron. When I saw the frost breath I ran to the side of the dragon, thinking of Onyxia's Deep Breath, and I died miserably. While I was laying there on the freezing floor I watched everyone else hide behind the iceblocked people. I know for next time.


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