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Thursday, December 4, 2008

WTH is that?

Well we were keeping quiet about the new tame-ables in hopes Blizz don't hotfix them yet but seeing there's info on everyone and their brothers page already.... We have tamed out Ghost Hydra and Slime. That's right. So long as you are level 80 and do a quest chain you can get yours too. What you need to do is the whole Frenzyheart/Oracles questline in Sholazar Basin. Once you finish A Hero's Burden choose to align with the Oracles. One of their dailies is A Cleansing Song. In this quest you go to different spots and call forth 3 spirits, a slime, a ghost hydra, and a ghost croc. All 3 of these are in the croc family.

Know that if you tame these you may log on one day to find some normal modeled crocs in your stable. Tame these because they are different skins but be prepared to lose them at any time depending on what Blizz does.

Here are some pics of what they look like with and without BW. The hydras make noises, the heads fight eachother, and they stomp around. As you can see from the pics (click for larger image), the hydras are pretty see through. The slimes are pretty quiet.

In other news, we have both hit lvl 80. I became exalted with Cenarion Circle last night, Consortium is up next today. I still need about 40 warbeads or insignias. Grumble, Tagreth and I have trioed the mount mobs in ZG. They didn't drop for us yet but at least we know it can be done. Also, if you are interested in the ZG Troll faction, it is really easy to solo the junk mobs at lvl 80 if you have a gorilla.

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