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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shot Rotation

What is a Shot Rotation?

At lvl 62 Hunters get a shot called Steady Shot. This is a useful shot because you can shoot a Steady Shot (SS) between every Auto Shot (AS). Auto Shot is the shots that happen on their own after you attack. Before 3.0.2 you had 2 choices:
  • You could get casting timer addons or listen to every AS to go off and hit Steady Shot asap so you could get a SS in before the AS tried to start again. If SS and AS overlapped then you would miss the AS that the SS was casting through.
  • You could set up a macro that would time AS and SS perfectly so no SS would clip AS. You would then hit this button fast so you would shoot as much as possible.
The act of weaving these shots together is called a Shot Rotation. Some Hunters swear by doing all this by hand. That is great if you do this but it takes all of your attention listening to the shots or watching a bar go across your screen and timing everything right. Using a macro lets you do this without having to fully focus on your shots. This allows you to look around the raid and notice the big nasty mob attacking your healer.

With the 3.0.2 patch the class mechanics changed so AS wouldn't be clipped by SS. You could be casting SS and mid way through the cast a AS can go off. Now Shot Rotation macros piece together different things to maximize your DPS.

What is a Shot Rotation Macro?

This is the macro I am currently using.
#showtooltip Steady Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE");
/cast Kill Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:RegisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE");
/cast !Auto Shot
/cast Steady Shot
The showtooltip line will show you the Steady Shot info when you mouse over the macro button.

The cast Kill Shot line will make you cast Kill Shot whenever the mob is below 20% life and it's cooldown is up.

The cast !AutoShot isnt needed in the macro as a whole but it does allow you to shoot an Auto Shot when you first press the button instead of waiting until a Steady Shot is cast.

Then the cast Steady Shot is the command that is mainly used in this macro. It will cast Steady Shot every time it's cooldown is up which is around 1.5-1.74 seconds depending on your spec and haste rating.

The script commands is to cut down on any errors you see and hear when spamming this macro.

How do I use this macro?

If you click on the computer icon as if you were logging out of the game you will see an icon for Macros. Click on that. You will see a window appear. At the bottom you will see a button to create a new macro. Click on that and pick out an icon and name for your macro, click OK. Then copy and paste the above quoted text into the box. Now you can click on the icon of your new macro and drag it down to a space on your hotbar.

Don't try to time anything with this macro. Just click it as fast as comfortable. This will make you shoot as much as you can. Be sure you have a threat meter like Omen because doing so many shots can cause a lot of agro.

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