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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

End of week 2

What a wild and crazy week this has been. Grumble is now 78 and I am 77. I spent about 15 hours trying to camp the Spirit Beast with no luck. Instead I tamed a Living Dead Kitteh. I have been working on dailies trying to get Oracle and Tuskarr faction for their minipets. I have also done rounds trying to get the books of magic for the Dalaran pet.

When I got my flying training I went around and finished the exploration achievement. Talk about one ugly tabard. Bleh!

Our guild Blood of the Dragon is doing good also. We have gotten a few new members and are now able to do 10 mans once everyone is leveled up. Most of us are in the 72-77 range atm. This weekend I am planning on doing some Heroic BC faction runs. I have a bunch of factions that just need 4-5 more runs and I know a bunch of other people are the same way.

I also went out to Netherwing Ledge last night and made it to Friendly with them. I went out there a few times months ago but it was still so packed I couldnt get anything done. Now the mobs are a piece of cake to plow through and in the 2 hours I was out there I saw 2 Horde and no Ally there.

I had a mishap where a cup of coffee tried to mate with my G15 keyboard. I was near tears. Thankfully Grumble waited until I chilled out and told me to look up pages on how to take apart this kind of keyboard. We found a wonderful tutorial over at Lanarchy. Following the pictures we were able to take apart my keyboard and clean up the sticky mess. It is actually quite easy to do if you take your time.

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