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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

World Server Down.... Again.

After going crazy for hours last night I was finally able to log on to Shandris about 10PM. Though I tried to get all the map markings in the past there has been a handful of places I have missed. I have OL and EK done and when the server comes back up I'll finish Kalamdor.

I'm really psyched they have old world raids in the achievements like Ony and BWL. Hopefully I can get some runs going to get my butt in there.

I now have a Gorilla to add to my pack. I have taken it to Nagrand and was farming on Ogres for about an hour. The pet seems to be leveling fast because it dinged lvl 66. The fact I can quickly take out 5-6 mobs helps. 8o) I'm going to try out some various animals in my last slot. A spirit beast would be nice and seeing it will be quite a while before I will be the level to tame one I can see how they look like in person before deciding. I might even set Sekhmet free to get one. o.O

The Halloween event will be starting on my birthday this year and I will be out of town until Sunday so I will be getting a late start on the partying.

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