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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where Oh Where Has My Little Quest Gone?

Last night our friend Tagreth was talking about how many quests he has done. We thought he had done every quest in the old world but surprisingly he is missing some. He told us about something he found since the patch. If you go to your tracking, and every class has one, you will see Low Level Quests. o.O MEEP! Once you start tracking low level quests your minimap lights up with !'s. When you go to one of the NPCs they will have an orange ! over their heads. Besides another HH run I know what I will be doing today.

Speaking of HH, I have my squashling!!! Grumble and Tagreth still needs theirs but they felt better once we found out it is possable to get a squashling and hallowed helm from trick or treating. Once the new patch removes the mask collection I will have my The Hallowed title, Tag will have his after getting the pet, and this weekend I will be helping Grumble catch up.

I have collected my 50 mini pets and an the proud owner of Stinker. It was cool seeing Bre from in game now, even if it is just an in game email.

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