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CommentLuv Enabled

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was just checking out the Bug forums and then hopped over to the CS forums. There are a bunch of posts regarding the Zombies and how people are deleting their accounts because of them. All I can say is Boo Hoo! The xpac will be out soon and this is the first part of the story of the Lich King. Think about this... What would happen if zombies would invade your happy little home. It would suck! All your worst nightmares would become true. Yeah it is hard to go through town and check the AH but you know what... it wont last forever. This is a part of the story, which is part of the game. Don't you think Sylvanas Windrunner would have rather sat at home eating Cheesie Poofs and watched Azeroths Next Top Belf instead of being turned into a Banshee?

It's gonna be ok. Take a breath. Switch to decaf. Have some fun. Its just a game and this is just a short event.

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