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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hunters "Duo" Chamber of Secrets Quest

Grumble and I were on a Kara pug last week to try to take down Tenris Mirkblood. Our group wasnt strong enough to take him down so we went and cleared the rest of the instance instead. The next day Grumble and I went back out there to make sure he was still up to yell for another pug to take him down. While there we started brainstorming.

First I made a macro /target Prince Tenris Mirkblood so I could target him around the corner. Then we put our Gorilladins at the far end of the next room and parked them. I Misdirected to my Gorilla first then Grumble did his. Grumble ran up and opened the door and FDed. I then shot Tenris Mirkblood and tried to pet tank him. My gorilla only took a few hits and died, then we did. When we came back we did the same thing but instead of worrying about our gorillas we just booked it into the room and both of us were able to read the piece of paper in time before Tenris Mirkblood came back. We were so pleased with our plan we sent tells to people on our friends list and got a few people through. I finally remembered to turn Fraps on during the last run.

You will die but at least you can finish the quest if you get into a bum pug.

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