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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shade of Aran

Shade of Aran is a fun fight because you can DPS all you want because there is no argo table for him. This is a fight where you need to learn some pet control because there is one thing that can kill them easily.

When you open the door to his room you can stand just inside the door but dont go to far in. When the charge is sounded run in and put your pet on him. Run to any spot in the room and start DPSing. Whatever you do DO NOT use Viper sting on him because when he runs out of mana he sits down to drink after he sheeps the raid and then does a nasty AoE. If this happens have your mouse on a health pot or stone to click once you are out of sheep.

Blizzard is a spell he casts that is a pain in the butt if you are in its path. Once he casts it you will see a tornado and then an ice rain spell trailing behind it. It takes up about 1/3-1/2 of the room and moves around like a pie slice. If you find yourself caught in the blizzard you will be slowed and take damage. Walk across the room to the other side to get out of it. If you try to walk in front of its path you will constantly be caught in it. When I am moving out of the way of Blizzard I usually throw up a Serpent Sting and Arcane Shot because those can be cast while running so you arent completely SOL DPS wise.

Sometime during the fight you will be thrown to the center of the room. When this happens run straight in whatever direction you are facing and get to one of the bookshelves. Hit follow for your pet so it has a chance to get to the bookcase also. After a few seconds he will do an AoE that will take a big chunk of your life. If you get to the wall fast enough you can turn around and start DPSing again.

Flame Wreath is a spell he casts on a couple members of the raid that puts a ring of fire around them. If you move out of the wreath it will cause a lot of damage to the raid and can easily cause a wipe. This is where "Flame Wreath, Don't Move!!!11" came from. When you see Flame Wreath being cast stop in place and just DPS from where you stand. Your pet will not cause any problems during this part so dont be afraid to use your pet for this fight.

About half way through the fight Elementals will spawn. There are many way to take care of them but know you may be asked to pet tank one or 2 of them. Be sure the healers know the name of your pet in case this happens. There are a number of ways to deal with them so dont let this freak you out. Out of all the times Ive ran Kara I have only done this once.

Also watch out for Chains of Ice. It will appear you have been shackled and you cant move. This really sucks when he does this before he novas the room, I speak from experience. It is dispel-able so if this happens to you just yell out you need a dispel and hopefully someone can get to you.

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