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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Nightbane is fun if you have the right group together. He is summoned by someone who has completed all the quest in and related to Kara. Main things to remember is to keep away from the dragons tail, which should be in the wall anyways, and keep you and your pet out of the Charred Earth. If your spell details are all the way down you will have a nightmare of a time seeing the Charred Earth so jack them up a little for this fight.

You will DPS the mob down and at 75, 50, and 25% life he will take to the air. You will go to your Main Tank and 5 Skellys will spawn. Dont use AoEs here because the skellys hit hard and its much less painful to just take one at a time. Lay down a frost trap to help the Tank keep the mobs in a closed area and DPS them down fast. When they are dead hopefully the dragon hasn't landed yet. If you can get a MD off that would be great. Keep doing this cycle until you have a dead dragon.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for your great series on how to DPS the Kara bosses. My guild is just starting in on Kara, and while I'm usually healing the raid, eventually I will get my BM in there. :)

Autumnn said...

NP 8o) I'm gonna try to finish putting up the videos to Kara today. It's so much easier once you have some book knowledge and see the fight happen.