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CommentLuv Enabled

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Macro Huntard Moment

I had this brilliant idea tonight during the TK raid to add /petattack to my Steady Shot macro. I was thinking there was other hunters who had Imp. Hunters Mark so my cast HM/pet attack macro was kinda mana draining and my pets action bar is sooo far away from my Steady Shot macro (a whole 2 inches o.O). So I did a quick macro change and added pet attack to my SS so once I saw the tank get argo I could just spam my SS and no need to worry about telling Sekhmet what to do, she gets really pissy after a while. Everything goes cool for a few trash mobs until the moment happened. I was still spamming SS when the mob was dead and Sekhmet was standing right next to a plump juicy sheep. /wrist! Next thing I see is someones addon screaming in /raid that Sekhmet broke a sheep. I said sorry and explained what happened and felt like a huge huntard.

Moral of the story: Think your macros through before changing them. ><

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