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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is Epic Flyer Worth 5k?

Today in the forums, someone was saying the epic flying mount wasn't worth getting the 5k to buy it. They suggested the price lowered so it would be easier for people to buy. Some other posters mentioned the game should be fun and not a grind, it shouldn't be a second job. Apparently those who think WoW is a grind have never played Everquest.

A casual player can achieve many things in Warcraft. They can get to level 70, they can do a little raiding depending on their guild, and they can max out any trade skill. The more in depth you get in the game the further you can progress and get things that are considered special. The epic flying mounts are the best mounts in the game so there should be a little work involved with getting one.

Grumble and I have had our mounts for a few months now but it was about 5 months after we turned lvl 70. Grumble shuffled around his trade skills a bit that cost money and I had some factions I wanted to get exalted with first. Yeah we had to wait a while to get our mounts but now Grumble is happy with what his character does and I am exalted with some factions and have gotten some trade skill recipes not many people have.

Once we were happy with other things we started our grind for our mounts. We decided to save up 10k and buy both at the same time. We didn't want to deal with the "You first" "No, you first" argument lol. We did all of our dailies every day and we also farmed Strath for enchanting mats to sell (along with trying to get the elusive Baron mount). When Grumble was off doing other things I would run through BRD for mats. In under 2 weeks we had enough to get our training, Grumble his Netherray, and me my epic LoLcopter. We have a Druid friend who did the same thing when we were saving and he had his epic flying training the same day we had ours. It isn't hard to do so long as you stay out of the AH unless you are selling. I would send all my money over to an alt and only keep about 50G on me for things like ammo and repairs.

So what do you all think? Is the 5k price tag too high or do you feel the money grind is needed?


Pike said...

I've heard a lot of people complain about the high price; I dunno, I used to think it was pretty high myself but just this past week I've made over 1000g just from a.) finally starting to do my dailies every day and b.) doing a lil' primal farming. Dailies take maybe a little over an hour and the farming I get bored with after about an hour so yeah, couple hours a day = 1000g a week = I'm fine with that.

I dunno, maybe it's cause I'm a hunter so I can farm really fast =P

Jessica said...

I really had no interest in getting one until I noticed EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends has one. Questing together requires them to wait for me. all the time.


peer pressure.

right now though, I'm spending lots of money on gems and enchants and other gear upgrades. I want to do well in Kara more then I want to fly fast.


CynraAnar said...

From what I understand, the epic flying mounts were not intended to be a requirement for the end of the game; with the exception of the Netherwing quests, everything in-game is just as achievable with the regular flying mount as it is the epic flying mount.

As for the cost, I believe it's absolutely worth it. The first week I had my mount on my priest, I managed to farm in a single day what would previously taken a week. I was estatic, since it meant that I could spend more time doing the things that I enjoy instead of farming for the gold to do them. And the dailies just make it that much easier to acquire the mount.

I especially like the following quote from the thread:
Many of us consider luxury items that require significant dedication and investment to acquire not only "right", but a necessary part of any MMO.

Cheap, easily obtainable items are generally just that: cheap and worthless.

I think it summed up the entire argument pretty well. Also, Drysc mentioned that the cost will most likely drop in the newest expansion when the next level of riding is introduced.

Loronar said...

For some reason, I think the second grind to 5000g is not as bad as the first grind. I'm already a third into my second 5000 only 2 weeks after getting the epic flyer. It may also be that I don't actually spend that much money except on ammo and repairs.

Autumnn said...

That is one thing that really pushed us towards getting our epics. The guild we were in at the time would do the BEM daily pre-quests every few weeks for new 70s and going around to the different places took forever. Also in Skettis we would miss out on the prisoner a couple of times because our fast people would get there and by the time the slower ones were there the prisoner was taken by someone else.