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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hunters 101: Taming a Pet

Once you have finished your level 10 hunter quest line you will be able to tame your first pet. You will want to check out Petopia and choose a pet you like. Look for a pet that you like and not one you feel you have to get. On Autumnn I have always used a cat. On my troll hunter Jayla I felt hyenas were more her style. Once you get to level 70 you will probably change your mind and abandon that croc but leveling up it isn't all that important.

Like I said I used a cat to level up and they are actually a DPS pet but if you are BM and have the right talent points they can tank anything you are leveling up on. At lvl 70 my cat Sekhmet has tanked the Hellfire Fel Reaver 3x and has tanked Underbog. What is nice about a high DPS pet is they cause more argo and can keep a mob away from you better than something like a turtle. They also help you kill the mobs fast so you can move on to the next.

Somethings to keep in mind:
  • You cannot tame an animal higher level than you.
  • You can only tame beasts. No Demons, Undead, or Dragonkin.
  • If someone heals you while you tame beast the mob will attack them and you will lose the channeling of Tame Beast. The only way you can get around this is if you kite the animal until about half life and then tame it or by having a Shaman cast Earth Shield on you.
  • A druid can hibernate an animal so you can tame it pain free.
  • Some animals have abilities to stun you and it will stop the taming process. Birds Swoop and Ravagers Gore are two examples.
  • You can have another hunter with you to lay down Freezing Traps.
  • You can pull an animal around a tree and the time it takes to go around the tree will give you a little extra time to tame.

LvL 10-19

This is the tough level to tame a pet because you don't have Freezing Trap yet. The easiest way to tame is to put your Tame Beast hotkey (found in your spellbook) on your bar so you can click it asap. Put on Aspect of Monkey so you can dodge when the animal hits you. Get to the max range of your Tame Beast. Watch out for other mobs around and you may need to wait until it is walking back to the edge of its path before taming it. Hit it with Concussion Shot and immediately hit Tame Beast. The Concussion Shot will give you a little more time to tame it before it gets over to you. Once it gets to you you have to just let it hit you for a while until you are done channeling the Tame Beast spell.

LvL 20+

You now have Freezing Trap which makes the taming process a lot easier. Lay down a trap at max range, Concussion Shot the mob, walk backwards a few steps, and hit Tame Beast. Before it gets to you it will freeze without hitting you.

Caster Pet vs. Non-Caster Pet

You will see on Petopia some pets are called Caster Pets. This is because they have higher caster stats than other stats such as STA. These pets are not a good choice because once they are tamed they no longer have any mana and instead use energy like a Rogue. The points in INT and Spirit will become completely useless and your pet will have less armor and hit points then other pets of the same family.

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