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CommentLuv Enabled

Friday, June 6, 2008

Gruul and Mag Deaded

Well we have had another successful night of raiding Gruul's and Mag's. I got some really good videos that I am uploading and have added Hunter tactics in the Hunter Related section. I also picked up a pair of [Gauntlets of the Dragonslayer]. My thanks goes to the Hunter who turned them down. /hug

Then a group of us headed over to Shattered Halls and did the Heroic there. I am now up to 70 badges. Thee bow... it will be mine!

Everyone be sure to check out the Twisted Nether Blogcast. It truely is a great show. It is done by none other than Breana from Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick and Fimlys from Asleep at the WoW. What better combo can you get.

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Stuntyone said...

Grats on the gloves and the great run :)

The Incompetent Warrior