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CommentLuv Enabled

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sekhmet has been with me since I was lvl 25. She was lvl 7 when I tamed her and I was almost lvl 30 by the time she caught up with me. Getting her involved a long painful run through Western and Eastern Plaguelands up to Eversong, the Blood Elf starting area. I tamed her when I was still very new to the game and had no clue how to get through these areas and didn't learn about graveyard hopping until I was a little older and more experienced. It took us about 3 hours of "dash and dies" to get to our destination (but we wont mention our side trip to Strath...)

Sekhmet has been my one and only pet for a long time, until lvl 70 actually. I tamed other pets for skills and to try out different pet families but they never usually lasted long. Now she is my PvP buddy and raiding pet. When hunters say they get attached to their pets, this is the one I am attached to. She has been with me through wins and deaths and will always be my baby.

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Jessica said...

oooh I like your pet. I have a cat too, but just the typical white/purple one from winterspring. (which I did not realize was so popular when I choose her.)

I really should grab something else, but the leveling/loyalty thing seems daunting.